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Escort Club (Outcall)
I am a Japanophile, who is fascinated with everything about Japan including the petite and sexy girls. So when I got to Japan, I came across an escort service company that caters exclusively to foreigners and is based in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Osaka. It was a huge relief. Many establishments of this nature restrict access to only Japanese people. Osaka is a bustling City with lots of restaurants offering many different Japanese and foreign cuisines. The city has an electric energy that could be seen and felt as you walk around at night and day time. The real fun started when I found out about gfe-escorts or GFE which stands for Girl Friend Experience. I visited the site and was relieved to learn that it caters to foreigners and that the language barrier is not a problem as I feared. It's a straightforward site with hot, young Japanese girls that are fun-loving and willing to satisfy your sexual urges, giving you an unforgettable girlfriend experience, at reasonable prices as compared to other similar escort service companies I saw on the internet. I instantly got aroused by the prospect of having a hot Japanese girl to play with, after going through the gallery, I booked a girl called Riko.
06/02/2023 by Facinet
Escort Club (Outcall)
A Gold status girl proves she’s worth it despite a controversy you’d never expect. Read on for the surprising plot twist!
05/31/2023 by Fukuoka Jones
I always find it intriguing when making my way up the fourth and fifth floors of nightlife establishments. I’m not sure what exactly I’m expecting - an opium den filled with sleazy prostitutes and zombie-like patrons sprawled out on every surface available? A random poker table with suited gangsters suddenly abandoning their game to brandish their firearms at this unwitting gaijin? Nah, these places are always chill. This is especially so for LOFT101 Street Club, the top bunny girl bar in Fukuoka. It might also be because the location is in that of a more gentrified area. Not saying that Nakasu is seedy, but it kinda is yo.
05/29/2023 by Mr. Johnson’s Mini Johnson
Escort Club (Outcall)
overview: Wanted to try a new escort service that would be smooth and convenient for a busy foreigner like me working in Tokyo. So I had a little time to kill before I actually had the meeting with Emma so I checked in a little bit earlier than my appointed time to enjoy the luxurious hotel room that I reserved. The hotel is highly recommended if you're ever in the area of Gotanda, it was a little bit more expensive than I'm used to, but it was well worth the wait because I'm a fan of mirrors since they spice up the whole experience. The name of the hotel is Design Hotel NOX. It seemed to be popular because almost all the rooms were booked in the early afternoon when I arrived.
05/23/2023 by Bruce Leroy Green
Escort Club (Incall)
I have a precious memory of long ago when I had my first kiss with my first girlfriend. Her face was so pretty to look at that I didn’t think to close my eyes when we got nose to nose, and I fondly recall the blur of it while our lips tried to figure out what to do. That was my excuse for picking out a pretty black-haired 19-year-old at Tokyo Hentai Club the other night. Her name was Kiki and her schedule happened to be open when I was on my way through Shinjuku. But there’s really no excuse for why I added the ¥3,000 cum-in-mouth option, so let me just admit to it. That’s just plain hentai.
05/19/2023 by Fukuoka Jones
The time had come for me to burst my maid cafe cherry and it was definitely an experience! Read on if you’re interested in short frilly skirts, knee-high stockings, and kawaii overload. Let’s see how many kawaiis we can use in this article.
05/15/2023 by Mr. Johnson’s Mini Johnson
Show Club
After the excitement of my first Filipina club experience had worn off and we set foot outside to our next destination in the warm, spring air, I was told that the next place would be completely different. We made our way through the bustling, neon-lit alleys and streets of Nakasu to Cabady, a show club. What a show club was, I had the slightest inkling.
05/12/2023 by Mr. Johnson’s Mini Johnson
International Club
It being my initiation night for all things club-related in Nakasu, Fukuoka’s premier red-light and adult entertainment district, I was a little overwhelmed. It helped to have companions as I would have awkwardly sat in the corner like a speck of unswept piece of dust had I gone alone. Unless you’re the super-outgoing type, the clubs in Nakasu are best enjoyed with buddies to share the entertainment with.
05/10/2023 by Mr. Johnson’s Mini Johnson
Escort Club (Outcall)
Japanese escorts typically don’t smile in their profile pictures. They favor sultry airs. I can appreciate this policy. A sultry air is what it is because it adds mystery to beauty. And one of the mysteries is simply that you don't know the girl’s smile. But once you’re in her appointment book, the inevitable smile you get from her on first meeting is all the more delightful as a mystery sweetly solved.
05/08/2023 by Fukuoka Jones
Escort Club (Outcall)
The Meeting Standing tall and confident, Mia’s curvy silhouette accentuated the dress that hugged her every curve. Her short hair perfectly framed her face, adding to her striking appearance. Entranced by her presence when standing before her, it wasn't hard to be taken aback by her attractiveness up close. Her big eyes were a mesmerizing shade of light brown, and her lips were inviting. With a mischievous smile, her charm was simply captivating, a rich and velvety voice complimenting her confident yet graceful gestures. Walking through the streets to the hotel, it was impossible not to be completely taken by her. Mia smiled mischievously as she led the way into the room. I was already excited and eager for some intimate relaxation.
05/02/2023 by Hunter Hurst Helmsley

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