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Refund Policy

As a service provider, refunds are not issued once the booking has been completed and the time purchased has been spent with the chosen escort(s). As the client please acknowledge that you are responsible for understanding this upon making the appointment to meet with our escorts listed on the site.

Please rest assured that refunds are given in exceptional circumstances which do take place from time to time when there is an inconsistency in what was delivered by escort(s) supplied. Refunds are issued by the same form of payment used to make the appointment initially (Credit Card or Cash). Store credit may be issued instead when the payment made cannot be reversed due to factors that we cannot control.

Requests for refunds are honored in circumstances as detailed below.

Failure to Deliver – Situations that are within or outside of the agencies/escorts control that causes the meeting to not take place/fail. Please contact us for immediate assistance in these circumstances as non-delivery claims will be only considered 24 hours from the appointment date. Otherwise the appointment will be considered to have happened.

Change of mind – A full 100% refund will be issued for the appointment made as long as the booking hasn't commenced in any way including all logistical aspects getting the escort supplied to you.

If you feel strongly that a refund is warranted and the reason is not listed above. We would like you to contact management to resolve the issue. Our clients are our number one priority and we would like your experience with our agency to be a pleasant one.

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